This week, I’ve been mainly knitting footwear



This week has been socks and booties (with a bag of shame last night to round the week off).

I finally finished the jaywalker socks, everyone , and I mean EVERYONE on Ravelry has knitted a pair of these and actually I can see why. Simple to knit, but really effective when finished.

Knitted in Wendy Happy, 1 ball with lots left to spare (ah ha!, my next dishcloth is taken care of). I can’t belive how effective the striping was with such a simple stitch. They are slightly long (about 1 cm / half an inch) on first wearing, but once they’ve been through the wash a couple of times, they will be just perfect.

I have previously knitted socks for myself and something has gone wrong, so actually I am also delighted these are so nice.

The next footwear is a pair of baby booties for y friends new son, Soren.

They are both old ravers and these reminded me of a pair of adidas. I have knitted these before for babies and they always go down well. They take about 2 hours each, but the i-cord takes more patience than I sometimes have, I usually motivate myself that the finished effect is worth the effort.

The pattern was from the huge and ever growing stash of knitting magazines I am accumulating. Whilst I rarely buy “Women’s magazines”, I do find knitting and some sewing magazines hard to resist. They seem to have a higher content to advertising ratio than others, and I recently bought a stash from my friend and someone at work donated loads of old pattern books his wife no longer wanted, Rowan and Jaegar patterns books I would never buy.

So, by my reckoning, this is project 25 and 26. I must confess, I realised sometime ago that I will make 40 things this year. So now the panic has subsided and I’m trying to enjoy the process a bit more. I also confess I’ve stopped measuring against  the tally chart Suze and I set ourselves and not worrying about the spend. I am such a spendthrift I have now doubt I am keeping costs low.  (I must tidy the web pages up to reflect this).

I was very quiet in the sewing and blogging front in July and part of August. This was mainly down to my avid viewing of the Tour De France and also we were decorating and living in chaos. How this has settled down and we are a bit more back to normal, having finished the booties, I dug out a “bag” which had been tidied away during the decorating. I had started a semi-fitted jacket and was forcing myself to have a go at piping. I will get going on that next.

There is more catch up blog to do about 2 other things I’ve finished, It has been a lot of homewares of late, but as I’ve been trying to make the house a bit more our home, this has been reflected in my crafting.

I am always happy for feedback, comments, things you’d like me to show / talk about. Please get in touch.









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