It’s Curtains……..


Please groan quietly at the back there…..

The next 2 projects, (31 and 32 by my counting) to show you were done during the chaotic decorating and trying to sort the house out of the summer.

The first pair I made were for my eldest daughters room. She is 10 and this is quite a tricky age. She has moved on from the pink, (thank god), glittery (hurray), princesses (reality bites, there is no Prince Charming) phase, but haven’t got a sense of herself yet and isn’t costing me a fortune in clothes just yet. (last week, I introduced her to e-bay, it went well!)

So, overall I was delighted when she chose the fabric she did, it is very colourful and cheerful, but isn’t girly or childish.


We went for straightforward lined curtains with triple pleat tape. Easy to make, (measure twice, cut once) and didn’t take hours. I did hand sew the hems and lining to the edges and it made all the difference, so I will be doing that again!


The second pair of Curtains ( I really know how to live it up, don’t I?) was for my room, we swapped bedroom with one the children (my clothes hang in a wardrobe for the first time 18 years). The bedroom is at the back of house and feel very overlooked, so we decided on a net to provide some modesty.

I HATE NETS!!!, there has been much talk of Voile, not nets between Mr Sarah and myself, we have a Voile. My reason for the dislike? (I am not the curtain police) the 100% polyester involved and the patterns.

So; I have made a very simple piece of white muslin to hang. Obviously I couldn’t leave it there, you may have noticed how difficult I keep making things for myself. So I added a simple crochet edge using blanket stitch to anchor a line of double crochet for a lovely finished edge.

They are hanging up and do the job really well.

More sewing on going…….
back soon

Sarah xx


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