We are Sarah and Suze – we have dreary jobs in the same office and we aren’t really all that fond of them…  However, we do both love sewing and general creating of crafty nonsense, so one dreary afternoon (ahem…”lunch hour”)  in the office we hit upon a bit of a wheeze in order to give us something to be happy about.  And that day, the concept of Fun with Sewing and Maths was born.

Truth be told, we are geeks.  Massive geeks.  We get excited about pins and presser feet.  Oh yes, we live the dream and we live it hardcore.  We also really like the following things:

1) Graphs

2) Excel Spreadsheets

3) Rules

4) Being in competition, not only with others, but with ourselves.  Actually, sod it, mainly with ourselves.

5) Riding our bikes (Sarah has a basket of which Suze is jealous…)

6) Fondling beautiful fabrics

7) Cooing uncontrollably over the things the other has made.  Sometimes this extends to grabbing the other’s garments to inspect seams, while that garment is being worn…

And so, 2012 shall henceforth be the year in which we make some ridiculous rules for ourselves, set some pretty hard goals, get sewing and see what we can acheive in one year.  We are excited and scared all at the same time, and we’re also wondering how to make up to our husbands (pity the poor Sewing Widowers…) for all the time they will miss us while we are attached to our sewing machines…

And so, Dear Readers, we invite you to peruse The Rules.


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