The first U. F. O. of 2012


Well, it had to happen, a complete failure; to the point where me attempts to remedy is really beyond the pale, the current and frozen in time state look like this;




This was the jacket from the bag of shame, I have never made a jacket before or done any piping, why oh why I thought I could this would be fine. Although this isn’t what broke me.

I worked out how to do the piping, I even have a piping foot ( naturally). the jacket pieces went together feel.  The jacket collar was very very difficult. It took about 3 hours to get the collar and piping all correct. At 1 point it looked like this on the inside;


which just made my head hurt, however, with some very careful tacking and sewing and curve clipping, I managed to get the collar looking like this (not pressed) which I was generally happy with, some time spent with the rion and a wet pressing cloth would have sorted this out nicely;



I was working on the sleeves at the same time as working on the collar. I pinned and tacked the sleeves in place, they looked a bit odd. I tried it on, oh dear, oh oh dear indeed. The shoulder was about an inch and a half too wide, the wrongly set arm was hanging down my arm, the shoulder was not sitting anywhere near my actual shoulder. I have been here before, trying to trim shoulders without affecting the bust fit (which is actually very good) is difficult and I am very sharply reminded how much in need of a pattern cutting course I am. 

So, I confess, I am beat!, this is going to UFO pile. The first one of 2012, which is not shocking bad (I will tell myself this as I go to bed).

I would be greatly cheered if anyone has a remedy to this….




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