It’s all in black & white / cycling fabric, how exciting!

It’s all in black & white / cycling fabric, how exciting!



Life is currently in monochrome. The 2 things (projects 29 & 30 if I’m counting) I’ve made his week have both, completely coincidentally, been white and black.

I’ve started in a new role at work recently and feel the need for some smarter clothes. This fabric was from one of the lovely local fabric shops; The Patchwork Dog and Basket. I love cycling, I love my bike, I saw the fabric, the idea formed and the fabric was in my grubby little paws faster than you can say “Impulse Purchase”.


The pattern was an adjustment of one of my favourites, the Butterick dress pattern I used for Project 1. I realise that my love of collar and cuffs clearly ages me. I love the contrast of the same fabric in white / black and black / white.

Some close up of the collar and cuffs, you can get a much better view of the fabric. I added a covered button to the cuff for contrast.



I really like this; if I’m being hypercritical, I would have added another couple of inches to the length and reduce the bust (how I wish I could reduce my own bust….). But I really really like this and have some other fabric lined up which may become version 2 with tweaks.

This top is really why I love sewing, my eye saw some brilliant fabric (did I mention I am a mad cycling lady?), I’ve made it into something unique to wear. WIN WIN is the phrase to use.


The second item made this week is a nod towards the dreaded C word as I start to look at things I can make for family, friends etc. This is a very simple table runner and these are lovely to make and give as gifts. I had the fabric from a previous project and this wasn’t made with anyone on mind, just as an idea of how effective it would be. A simple rectangle of fabric and backing, I sometimes find these quite stressful as there sewing has to be poker straight and needs excessive concentration. The other things it needs is careful wielding of the iron, which I use with a bamboo  knitting needle (metal conducts heat) to poke corners and flatten edges to iron. The finishing part of these which I think just adds the extra “you can’t buy this in the shop” oomph is the hand finished crochet edge.

The labour of love aspect to doing this is that to get a nice even crochet I needed to edge the whole runner in blanket stitch which needs each stitch to be measured. I measured each stitch at ~5mm, this took ages as the runner was 1.5 long (for the maths orientated of you this equated to about 700 measured blanket stitches). I then put a row of double crochet into the blanket stitch and added a shell edge stitch at each end of the runner.

I confess, I am having 1 of my semi regular phases of “I really must set up an easy / folksy shop to see if this will sell”. I am still pondering this and would be keen to have any feedback from those of you who have.

Next for me:

I bought some wool from the new range carried at the new knitting shop in Lewes!! The Knitting Basket. I am going to give plug for this lovely shop and a plea to anyone who reads this to use their local yarn and fabric shops where possible.

I have some fabric which is likely to become another top

I also have a MASSIVE heap of thing which need mending / altering which I may tackle (I have already mended jeans for Mr S, put a new zip in a skirt for me and repaired a tear in some trousers)

I finally cracked and bought the Collete sewing book so this is likely to feature soon

Keep on sewing!






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