Mum, I really liked the chinese fabric……can you make me something with this, please?


My heart sank.

Eloise rarely asks for anything, she had asked me to make her “nice top” (her words, not mine). I should have guessed what was coming, as she repeatedly came downstairs (where I do my sewing) and kept stroking the spare fabric of Alix’s dress, I just ignored this.

So, when the request was made, I tried my hardest to suggest different fabrics or a style of top that needed different fabric. The reality was that I was always going to fold.

On the up side, having worked with this fabric before, I knew what was needed (iron-on interfacing and working quickly at the fiddly bits, Eloise had chosen a square neck top with gathered sleeves.

The top required a fully lined yoke, which I always find a bit fiddly and clipping the corners in fabric which frays is always a challenge (read nightmare). The sleeves also needed careful handling and quite frankly, if I didn’t have the overlocker to finish seams and edges, I fear all may have been lost.

However, the finished top was very nice, Eloise is happy and wore it to a recent concert where she needed smart clothes (I’m not sure about the white trainers she wore with it, but what do I know? I am mum)


P.S. The red bum bag was something she HAD to wear.




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