That’s what friends are for………


For the next project (number 23), my friend Alix had a birthday recently, she asked if I would make her a dress. As we are all ladies of a certain age, she wanted something that captured her spirit to mark the passing of a birthday.

We had a long chat about what is was she wanted in terms of  style, fabric,  colour etc. As I’ve only made things for myself and the children / husband / house, this was new territory for me, asking someone else what they wanted.

I directed Alix to the lovely Make this Look and after some discussion settled on this dress style. Measurement were taken, a toile was made and fitted.

This was the first time I had worked with a Vogue Designers pattern, my my my, they are fiddly, aren’t they?. The sleeves were in two parts which folded over and turned up for a near tulip style cuff.

Then we got to fabric……

At the outset, Alix wanted “something in cotton”, with dragons…..she hunted, we had conversations about; buying fabric in the US, birds, pineapples and flamingo’s. In the end, she showed up at the house with some cerise pink with dragons woven chinese satin fabric, she absolutely loved it. Alix picked a pink dress, with a blue satin band,  the skirt lined with blue (for extra swirling) and the top lined with pink muslin to help keep cool.

The satin fabric, it frayed, all the time, ALL THE TIME, I mean ALL THE TIME………. In the end I had to back the satin with iron on stiffener so I could work with it, I must confes it took 3 attempts to get the top front correct.

The photo shows the birthday girl wearing her dress (in a field!), we have spoken about not chucking it in the washing machine. Alix loved it, Happy birthday!









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  1. It’s a totally beautiful dress and I love it! Sarah took such care with the finishing and the hems are perfect. The lining is turquoise and makes a fab contrast when walking around as the back is designed to be slightly longer than the front. I’m so lucky to have such a clever and generous friend. I’m wearing this dress to another birthday bash this weekend and look forward to all the compliments I will get all over again!

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