It’s nearly a macrame plant pot holder……


There are several finished things to blog about, I’ve been decorating and fanatically watching cycling, so there will be a few blog post to bring you up to date.


So, those of you who read this and occasionally talk to me, either; in person, on facebook or twitter will have picked up that I’m a bit of a recycler and upcycler. Whilst I’ve tried really hard not to go down the crocheting a new door mat from the hair I pull out the shower (urgh), nonetheless, I do believe in less waste and using things more than once.

The next project (21) comes in 2 parts and is something for the kitchen.

OK, so dishcloths, not the most exciting or sexy item, but a necessity.

Over the years, I have started to make my own through both knitting and now crochet. I use wool left over from knitting socks. there is something about the way sock wool is spun in that it seems more resistant to wear. So I have used up some left over sock wool and made 2 new dishcloths.

If you are interested in doing this: I use double stranded wool, cast on approximately 30 stitches and just double crochet away until I have a square. These get washed with the towels weekly and usually last about 9 months each. Which is pretty good value for some leftover sock yarn and about 2 hours of time.



The second part of this project is napkins. My children are now of the age where we don’t have a pack of wet wipes in every room, but they (and we at times) still occasionally could use some help. Obviously the simple answer (which we did use) is kitchen roll or paper napkins. However, 2 children x  9 meals at home a week = lots of waste and expense (over the year).

So in a similar vein to the dishcloths. I have made some very simple napkins for everyday use. Should you every come round for dinner, it’s unlikely the table will be set with these (unless you are family) but for everyday children mess these are ideal.

These are made from some left over white cotton linen mix, cut to a 25 cm square and overlocked at the edges. very simple, very easy, gets washed every week in the towel wash.

So 2 halves of a project using leftover, cheap and simple which creates less waste, a double win for me.


Other projects I have lined up and on the go

1. Jaywalker socks

2. Curtains for my daughters room

3. Table runner in lovely fabric


See you soon




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