We have been decorating recently, (we live in Lewes in east Sussex) having lived in the house nearly a year, we had to make good on our promise to the children that they could have their room’s decorated.

The little one, Isobel (5) is still in the pink phase (groan), so she now has a pink room and she decided that she wanted bunting. Of course, why wouldn’t you, it’s in the street, school and every craft shop we go in.

N.B. we go to lots of crafts shops.

Having established that there would be no Union flag nonsense, I bought a Layer Cake, which is a really interesting way was to buy a mixed bundle of fabric which is linked in theme and complementary colours.  As a non-quilter (yet), I had never seen these before, but am now convinced of how great they are. The need of more fabric than a Jelly Roll, but don’t need Fat Quarters, you get approx 42, 10 inch squares and are usually put together by a company, as opposed to a shop.

We turned this into some bunting, I made template of an equilateral triangle, and made double faced triangles. Isobel had picked some pink chiffon ribbons with sequins (of course she did!) as tape. We had more triangles than we had planned,so I used some Teal blue satin bias binding for the second strand of bunting.

I think this is very effective and more important Isobel really likes this. whilst I think that bunting is very “Vintage” and “now” and I am unlikely to put this in every room in the house (use sparingly, is the phrase I would use). This looks great in Isobel’s room and it’s lack of uniformity and bright patterned fabric is perfect if you are 5.


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