Possibly the oddest post to date


So, I’m very new to all this bloging and I have lots of craft thing to post up (see below), the headlines are that I have finished projects 17-20. On reflection, (and Suze and I have discussed this at length), that I/we have been going about the blog posting as a form of show and tell, so you all get the “ta da!” when I have finished, and usually late and with me tired and actually, I think it’s the process which is the interesting bit.

With this in mind, I am going to start writing a more the blog as an “what I’ve been up to” and shift from a show and tell. Suze is also of the same mind and it is likely that we will both move to new blogs and there are many things I do which aren’t sewing but still form part of my crafting ethos and I would like to share.

As I’ve made 20 thing in 6 months, I think that for me, this project has moved on from sewing insanity, in that yes, I can make things. There are 3 or 4 projects I’ve made which I didn’t blog post, (for a variety of reasons), this also adds to my want to move away from show and tell bloging. I am moving more into what I’m making and the challenges it presents.

We moved house last year and we are about to embark on some decorating and making the house home, so there will be less clothes made. I think the other things for me was that I thought I was going to be spending this year sewing. 2011 was a very stressful year for me and I wanted something positive and challenging to do, hence the sewing. The truth is that I just needed a focus which this has given me, Suze and I have both got new jobs this year (mine started last month) so my work wardrobe need to become a bit more business like. I will probably have a bash at making a suit jacket (any pattern recommendations welcome, especially for a large bust).

So, below is the last of my show and tell type of blog and a catch up on the last month of crafting.

Project 17 – I finally cracked the Sorbetto top, in a lovely silk, which puckered like nobodies business, I may need to buy a walking foot (having re-mortgaged the house first). I had been going wrong with the Sorbetto as I had been cutting it too large, and there is nothing worse than wearing clothes which are even bigger than you are (especially if you are also carry some extra porkyness).


This is such a versatile pattern, now I’ve cracked the sizing and tried it in different fabrics, I think this may become a work staple.

The next project (18) is a cardigan for my friends baby. Bit of a challenge as she definitely didn’t want pink! I opted for this leaf green and embroidered some daisies and found the little daisy buttons to match.


Next, I finished my last “holiday” / summer top. I used the sew serendipity pattern for the tunic / top I have used before. I did look on the web for any comments and have added some wide elastic to the top of the arms (raglan sleeves) to draw it in. I was initially sceptical, but it does create a better fit. My only other comments on this is that it doesn’t actually need a zip, but I possibly could so with cutting a smaller size.


Finally, and this is a bit of a ta dah!

This is a lace shawl I have cast on 4 times prior to this in a variety of yarns and just kept failing. This was my holiday project, I used several markers to keep me able to  follow the pattern. It did take about 30 hours in total and had several unpicked rows and still involved a lot of muttering and swearing. I got therein the end just love it., although I wont be make lace knitting part of my regular life at present.


Some pattern detail


So, thanks for readyng and please feel free to leave any comments.



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