Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all……


Hello, and sorry mum…..

OK, so quite a gap since my last post. I have been sewing, but also having a very sore neck and back, lots of pain, lots of tightness, so quite slow sewing and taking it a bit easier. (NB: this has NOTHING to do with the Giro de Italia)

There are 2 finished things to show you below, the blog title come from my thought process…..

Not long until holidays now for me, very excited, sewing clothes to wear. “Oh”, I thought, “I really need a dark blue denim skirt” (I picked up the fabric in Ditto), I turned around, saw the blue jersey, “oh, that will be great for a top and will make a nice outfit for my holiday”…. dear readers, I froze in time the moment I had used the outfit word……..my mum has finally broken through….

So, admitting defeat, I bought both and went home to cry and put any remaining vestiges of youth in a vac bag under the bed….(yes, middle age hit hard that day).


I had previously spoken of being brave and bold with jersey, I ended up broken with a failed tolie in the bin and a very clear idea of how not to make a jersey top. The pattern for this started out as the same dress in project 2, Burda 7828. I lengthened the bodice and sleeve by 1 inch and the hem by 3 inches and shortened the sleeves. I really like the the cross-over look, and again stitched a modesty panel otherwise there was too much bust on show. Most of this was over locked, which was just lovely

The skirt was also a Burda pattern, 7531 which I have made before but never with the central inverted pleat made. Photo was taken after a long day at work (if you are reading this for good photo’s I fear you have left by now, I am wearing make up at least, or was when I left the house that morning)


I like the inverted pleat and am think of another skirt with a completely contrasting colour for the pleat. The pattern is a good fit and dare I say, easy to make.

I’m off to rest my neck and pray that France has better weather……




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