2 tops for the blog of one


Hello again,

After last time’s confession that I usually post a bit after completion to allow a wear and check the garment. Well today is breaking with that, I have just finished and am having a catch up blog before I get started on the next things.

2 tops have been finished, both short sleeved (looming French holiday), I am hoping that I will need short sleeve tops, but based on current weather I have also bought a new waterproof, drought indeed!  *mutters to self about government and met office conspiracy*.

The first top is a Amy Butler Lotus dress, made as a the short top (it may be referred to as a Cami) with sleeves, I must have sleeves for bingo wing arms.



I really like the style and fit and this design and have made the pattern before, I’ve made 2 changes to the pattern, by adding an inch to the front panel to limit the “Bavarian Waitress” look this can have, and the original pattern has a button closure at the back, I have used a zip, I usually get dressed before the rest of the family is awake, so I’m not sure how I would actually get dressed in the morning.

The fabric choice was partly driven by the blue satin bias binding I had in my stash and I like the pattern of the fabric with the contrasting panels. Fabric was from one of my local shops, The Patchwork Dog and basket in Lewes, which is Quilting Heaven, they sell a huge range of beautiful printed cottons.

I don’t usually wear light colours and looking at the photo, I’m not convinced this is the most flattering colour (I am genetically Scottish with dark hair, pale skin) and in the past have had to return things with disappointment as I just looked washed out (known at home as the “Whistles suit” incident).

There was a large amount of hand stitching the bias binding in place, this made my oddly happy (Suze thinks I am mental) and I have lined this with some white muslin. I really like the top, and am going to persevere with the colour and see.

PPG was £23,70 which includes, cotton fabric, lining and zip, bias binding and thread from stash. This took 7 hours, which included making lining and a large amount of hand stitching.


Literally, I have just finished my next top.


This is the Sorbetto pattern in Georgette. A slight pattern variation in that I didn’t put the full pleat in down the front, I have moved the pleat to the inside and only anchored it at the top.  I also increased the sleeve width and made some gathers so that the sleeve falls nicely. I think the fabric is very suited to this and have made a little note in my book. Overall, top is a bit more flowing and definitely looks better tucked in than left out.  The neck has some black stain bias binding (again hand stitched, what is wrong with me? I have to make 40 things this year, I don’t have time for hand finishing!)

Anyway, This took about 4 hours, and PPG was £4.50, fabric was a remnant from C&H fabrics and I only needed 1 metre, even with the sleeves (1metre, I am going to be all over the remnant stalls in fabric shops!) and some bias binding. Oddly enough, I have a lot of black thread in the house.

So *deep exhale* next, I need to re-thread my over locker. (Suze has advised setting the machine up next to the telly and pausing the DVD step by step, yes, readers, it’s so fiddly that you get a DVD to watch).

I bought some black jersey and am going to be brave, bold and other B words (Mr Sarah thinks bloody minded) and actually make something in jersey using the over locker.

Wish me well………………..



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