Tales of poor fabric choice….



I am a bit behind with the blogging, I confess that I usually only post once some thing has been worn to test; fit all day ( not just a quick try on in front of the mirror), does it work, is it comfortable etc., I finished this over a week ago and am now playing catch up, a very busy week for me.

Last week I finished a dress – come on down number 12!


This was a free pattern from April’s “Sew” magazine. A simplicity Project Runway K2588.

A toile was made for fit and adjustments made, it came together really easily and I am happy to report that I used my new over-locker *happy face* to finish all the seams (where have you been all my life). Dress finished, tried on and I had made the bust enlargement slightly too big in that ,the bust on my dress were a good 3 cms further out on each side than my actual bust, and obviously dear reader, I only found this out once I had put the zip in. There was a large amount of muttering and I had to unpick swathes of both over-locking and stitching to remedy this. The other flaw in my plan was that I made the lining separately, so in all, this dress took a long time to finish. Although, for me the joy is in the making not the rushing. The lining was made from some e deep purple linen shearing I picked up on a market stall.

The final embellishment and I will take a better photo for next time, (you can’t see very well in the photo here, the dress is currently in the washing machine), is that I made a rosette and stitched this to the front waistband. The pattern offered a series of tabs, belts and bows, but none of these were right for me. I’ll show this separately in future here.

So, I really need to talk about fabric choice. I like this fabric,I bought it as I liked the stripes, but it is cotton. Dear reader, I need to move on, this is a great dress pattern, but cotton does not do it justice and creases badly which detracts from the overall dress look. (the noise you can here is Suze “Step away from the cotton”) I like the design and am likely to make this again, but maybe in a nice crepe or wool for winter

Dress took about 17 hours (including toile, unpicking large swathes and make the lining separately. I also hand stitched all the lining as as I decided didn’t want any top-stitching showing.

Cost was £7.99 a metre for fabric (from the Stitchery, my lovely local fabric and swing shop), £3.50 a meter for lining, 3 of each, plus 1.20 for a zip. I already had thread in my stash. Total of £35.67.


See you soon

Sarah x



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