What I learned from the first 10 and going forward



So, I made it, 10 things made by the end of March, I am feeling reasonably optimistic that I will actually make 40 this year, but must keep going. I did find it all a bit of a challenge at time to keep going. My “free time” is limited (I work full-time and have 2 children,who want me to spend time with them!), and there were some evenings when I did have to make myself crack on with sewing. These are the main things I have found out;

1. I am allergic to metallic zips and when they are side zips and which finish near your arm pit, I get really quite a nasty rash. This means side zips will need to become back zips……

2. I am not as uncreative as I had previously thought (see coat)

3. I still really hate having my photograph taken

4. I am getting better at pattern altering to fit my body shape

5. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging

So onto the next 10 (I had discussed with Suze that I would try to break this down into 10 per quarter as opposed to 40 a year, otherwise my head hurt). The other things I have realised is that there are some things I want to make and “have a a go” at, machine embroidery for 1, but these are likely to become napkins rather than a garment, so I am going to have to be a bit more flexible about my free choices.

In terms of getting a sneak preview of the next few projects and how I’ll be getting along, Spring is upon us and I really need some short sleeve tops, this neatly co-insides with the upcoming family holiday, so there are likely to be a few of these. I am a massive cycling fan, and when the Tour de France is on, nothing gets done (neglected children, ready meals and take away’s, untidy house) whilst I watch men in Lycra toil round the scenic parts of France on bicycles, so I need to get ahead on sewing terms to build up the time to do this.


So, away we go; the next project I’ve completed is a Sorbetto top. This is a free down from the really lovely Collette patterns http://www.coletterie.com/colette-patterns-news/free-pattern-to-download-the-sorbetto-top. I did take some inspiration from the 7 days of Sorbetto http://www.sewweekly.com/2011/07/7-days-of-sorbetto/ from the rather lovely Sew Weekly website http://www.sewweekly.com , and Claire from Sew,Incidentally had created a sleeve http://sew-incidentally.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/sleeve-pattern-for-sorbetto-top.html

Thanks to all of the above for your inspiration and sharing.

I have bought some brushed cotton from C&H fabrics earlier on and have used this.



This was very simple and very quick to make. The hardest part was turning the A4 paper into a pattern. I had added a small details in 3 covered buttons near the neckline (I promise I will wear make up in the photos from now on). I would like to try this in a range of fabric and try different embellishments, I like the flowing finished  and the “unfitted” design, although I may work on making the neckline a little smaller, it does feel a bit “gapey” to me.

Facts and figures, This took about 4 hours (including making the pattern), Fabric was £12, with 3 buttons to cover, £1. I had the thread in my stash. so a total of £13.

Right-oh, on with the next…..


See you soon




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