Hello my lovelies!

After a little unplanned blogging hiatus, I am back!  There have been illnesses, hospitals, job interviews, you name it.  But the sewing hasn’t stopped, just my ability to photograph and write about it.  So, I’ll be doing a few catch up posts over the next week or so before getting back into the swing of things.

Sarah very gently pointed out today that perhaps I might like to make my sewing life a little easier on myself for a wee while.  I’ve been going through a little pocket of working with SPAWN OF THE DEVIL FABRICS!  So I am planning a few easier projects for the weeks to come.  I am currently perfecting a high-ish waisted pencil skirt pattern which should come together quite quickly in some nice, stable, non-slippy cotton sateen.

In the meantime, what have I been up to?  Work on my velvet jacket has been coming along slowly.  The velvet has proved easy to work with, providing it is interfaced.  Uninterfaced velvet, it transpires, stretches like an elastic band when presented with a sewing machine.  It also turns out that unless the seams are poker straight they won’t lie flat when pressed. There has been one hell of a lot of hand basting going on round these parts.  I won’t ruin the surprise of the final jacket (midnight blue velvet with a bronze lining and vintage plum buttons), but here is a sneaky peek of the inside:

And the oodles of hand blanket stitch holding most of the internal seams down:

To tell the truth, I am totally in love with this jacket, and can’t wait for it to be finished.  I’m sure it will be worth all the work.  Top interfacing tips and other war stories to follow in the completed item post ASAP.  Watch this space…

Sarah got a couple of snaps in my scampering round the office in my Sorbetto top today, so a post about that to follow!

Suze x


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