BUTTONS, hours of fun!!!!!


Hi, back again!

So last night I made buttons, yes, the sewing insanity has struck, I am posting about buttons.

The coat I am working on needs several buttons, I have decided to buy buttons and cover these. It was a bit (read very very) fiddly to do and required a large amount of patience.

So, I started out with large and small buttons, which you get in 2 parts; the shiny front to be covered and a  back piece to clip on.


I had even bought a gadget to help, the theory being you put the fabric and front part in, place the back on press down and it clips together, there are small “teeth” sticking out sharp edges on the back of the front piece which the fabric grips too. However, the large buttons I had bought were too big to use this on, so it was all done by hand, which was a bit painful shoving the fabric onto the teeth.

The part I found fiddly was cutting the fabric large enough to cover the button and have enough to grip the fabric and overlap, but not so much that the dish of the back was full, before clipping the back on.

The other thing I had to consider was the fabric placement. The first ones I made in the orange fabric (lining, slippy and frays like nothing I’ve ever seen), I didn’t cut it so they design was showing, I then had to prise the back off and re do.



The finished effect is one I’m very happy with and I will certainly consider covering buttons again.

Sarah xxx


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  1. a little tip for covered buttons – use a pin to hook the fabric over the teeth – it gets a better grip and saves your fingers, and if using a very fine fabric, add a bit if very lightweight interlining before you cut out your circles. x

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