Designs and new techniques, good grief


So, this is what Fun with Sewing & Maths is about for me. The push for me to think beyond following a pattern and adding my own touches to it.







This is repeat of the pattern used for project 5 (slippy fabric mutter mutter), I made the dress length and increased the amount of gathers on the sleeve. The fabric was from stash and was originally purchased at the rather lovely When made it was a bit of a vast expanse of green as it was being made up. My sister-in-law made a comment about some nice ribbon, which I seized on and have added this at the empire line and sleeves.






This required a large amount of small top stitching and I am very pleased with my the final effect and my increased ability with the sewing machine.

The dress still lacked a certain something,so after much debate with brooches and bows, I decided to to add some appliqué in the form of a leaf. I decided against a loose addition as it needs to survive the laundry and being washed etc.

I had never undertaken appliqué before, so I had a practice to find the correct stitch and having tacked the ribbon into place to within an inch of it’s life, stitched the ribbon into place,. I am really happy with the overall effect and am already thinking about a larger appliqué project.









So overall a success and I really enjoyed wearing this.

PPG was £10 per metre for fabric (2.8 metres), lining was approx £3.50, ribbon and threads £6.23 total = £37.73. This took approx 7 hours to complete.

Other news;

My knitting last week didn’t really take off. This is somewhat surprising giving my history as a knitter. I shall persevere.

Suze is still here and sewing, some technical difficulties have caused a hiatus in blogging, but she has finished some lovely things……










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