Project 5 – I really don’t like slippy fabric


So, the title pretty much says it all. This has been a tale of tacking in very small stitches and lots of muttering. Another thing I found with this rayon was that I had to hold it very firmly when sewing or it tended to skip stitches, and several seams had to be re-done (very annoying).

Thanks for your comments on the overlocker. Suze has very kindly offered to let me go round and use hers as a trial.  I do think that when not sewing with cotton or wool, there is definitely a place for an overlocker in the finishing of seams. This top is unlined and I have used my trusty pinking shears, but time will tell about seam finishing and fraying.



The pattern adjustment from the pattern / toile is that the pattern calls for a strip of elastic on the shoulder, these are raglan sleeves. This just looked odd, so I shortened the sleeve facing by an inch and gathered the sleeves (the front and back are gathered at the neck line). I do like the cut and fit, I am really warming up to the zip as side as opposed to the back.

Next time I make this, I will take another inch from the sleeve facing to make the neck less wide. Another adjustment I would make is that the facing round the neck was quite shallow, so I would make this deeper as I had the secure the facing to the seam to stop it flapping up.

On a positive note, the fabric was only £1.25 a meter (thank heaven for sales), fabric was £1.88 plus 54p for zip. the fabric for the toile was £3.50, so PPG was a fantastic £5.92 and it took 7 hours (including making the toile).


Next week is half term so the room with the sewing things is hosting visiting mums as childcare, so I will be doing one of the non-sewing projects and will be knitting.



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