Project 1 is back (da dah!!)



So, this week has been spent putting new tape on curtains for my neighbour, and returning to dress 1 with the correct fabric. It is now finished and I really really like it.


It was a bit of a labour of love, with lots of unpicking, and I did return to the darts which gives a better fit.

The PPG is now quite high for this dress and it probably took another 5 hours in terms of unpicking and re-doing.

Mr Sarah has helpfully pointed out that I now have 10% complete, so I must work out to to put some graphs in on The Maths tab.

So, what next? I had an impulse buy of a lovely book at Christmas called “Sew Serendipity” which had lots of lovely tops, dresses, jackets and skirts in styles I like. aside from cooing over the photos inside, one of the attractions was the clothes were modelled on women who actually have boobs, so I was more confident that the patterns would fit, or only need minimal alteration.

So, to kick start I have taken measurements and been busy making toiles for a tunic,


and a jacket, although I confess to just making the hip length version in a toile



I’m also considering branching out my fabric choices. Dear reader, I love printed cotton, the fabric and lovely prints just call to me, however, part of this challenge for me was to push myself to try new things, so have bought some printed rayon and I am feeling brave.

Suze wore her dress 1 to work the other day, it is really lovely and the seams were beautiful, so I am now wondering (read that as – checking bank balances to see what can be shifted) if an over-locker is the way to go.

Do any one of you have one? is it worth it?

Sarah xxxxx


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  1. That dress really does look lovely on you! I don’t normally comment on post (read-just a stalker LOL) but here is my 2 cents on the serger/over-locker. Yes I have one, but I sometimes think it makes me a bit lazy about trying new things. I have not been sewing long, but I got the serger almost right away and so I have never tried French Seams, Hong Kong Seams, etc. They look so lovely on others garments, but I have not tried them since the serger makes it go so much faster. So I would say you can hold off unless you work with a lot of knits.

  2. I have a overlooker which was a birthday present about 18 months ago. I’m still very nervous about using it, mainly as the beauty of it is to sew, cut and finish the seam but I’m not confident about my fitting abilities to commit to doing it all in one go. When I first had it I sewed the seam on my regular machine and then finished the edges on the overlooker. The latest thing I made was made 90% on the overlooker, only using the regular machine for darts, topstitching and gathers. I’m glad I have one but I have to say I’m not convinced I need one……. don’t tell OH! My challenge for this year is to make a dress each month and I’m trying to use the overlooker more and more and get to grips with it.

  3. What a success story Sarah! I’m glad you sacrificed yourself to the unpicker to re-do the dress – it looks great.
    As for an overlocker – I have one – a cheap one from Aldi (well it was about £120) and so not worth it. I wish I’d spent another £100-£150 and got a Janome. If you’re going to buy one try it out in a shop first and make sure you can get all the spares/parts easily. I used to have an industrial overlocker and loved it – sadly it was heavier than a small car so had to go when I moved to London.

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