The sewing red mist has descended…


Today can largely be summarised by sharing with our readers a conversation which occurred via text message between Sarah and I this evening:

Suze: If I EVER say to you: “I think my next FWSAM garment is going to be a stripey, bias cut dress”, please – I implore you – kill me.

Sarah: Seems a bit harsh, as you are clearly suffering already, but OK.  Have unpicked and redone skirt 4 to fit and blogged it.  Have unpicked dress 1 to re-make bodice and sleeves.  Also, neighbour knocked on door and asked me to re-do her curtain tape.  We did say sewing insanity, didn’t we?

Suze: Am going to have to spend the whole evening basting.  BY HAND.  HAND BASTING and matching stripes on slippery, stretchy, spawn of satan fabric.  Weep.

Suze (again): Oh, and I’ve had to UNDERLINE it thanks to spawn of satan fabric. F*** it, am going in the bath with wine.

As you may have gathered, readers, I am somewhat challenged in the calm department today. I spent 4 1/2 hours (yes, really) cutting out my next dress – which has to be finished by next Saturday, by the way – and I now have grave reservations about whether my fabric choice can cope with the design.  Watch this space…

Apologies also for my blogging radio silence this week – due mostly to tax return deadlines and thank you cards which need to be written after my recent wedding.  But I do have things to show you – photos to follow of my sorbetto blouse (which I adore) and a toile of my jacket (which took much adjustment but will be worth all the work I think).  These will follow as soon as my bout of behaving like an Orc has passed and I am less likely to scowl at the camera…

Until tomorrow, readers!

Suze x


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