My new best friend, project 4 and other news



So project 4 is finished, a skirt in a fabric I love, a black woven wool with white embroidered flowers. I made a dress from the fabric last year and had enough stash left for this skirt.


So, (moving on from the dreadful photo, I must improve these, but this a blog about sewing, not photography) the pattern is a free PRIMA pattern from 2004.  which has a deep waistband and a pleated skirt. So off we go!

Dear reader, as a sewer you need to measure against a new pattern, I did this and my waist and hips were larger than the size stated on the back the pattern (more on this in a later post), so I worked out how much to increase the waist and hips by to fit.

Skirt cut out, pattern followed and all made up. The shirt pattern came in 2 length, the short length was at thigh level and this is not for me, so I cut the longer length, but it was really an unflattering mid calf length, so I got out my trusty hem measurer (A gift from my lovely friend Laura).


(For the uninitiated, you set the height from the floor and puff chalk onto the fabric at the right length, genius)

and Voila!, skirt made. I tried it on and it was loose around the waits and hips, BY THE SAME AMOUNT I HAS I INCREASED THE SKIRT BY (arrgghhh). I wore the skirt, it wasn’t hanging off, but really reader, I could go to the shops and buy clothes that don’t fit properly, the point of this is to make things that fit.

I showed Suze, she looked at me, (no dear readers, this isn’t a bizarre sewing diet “Make your own clothes and the weight falls off”), the pattern isn’t always the correct size to the measurement and I should measure the pattern pieces too. Whilst being annoyed at about this, I really can’t help think that many things would be better if all sizes were standardised for everything.

So, I worked out how much I needed to reduce by at the waist and hips and meet my new best friend


The stitch unpicker………we have spent a happy hour together unpicking the top stitching and the waistband to re-sew the seam to the correct size, being carefully not to rip the fabric, this is a bitter lesson I have learned before.

So, the skirt fits and I still like it, lesson learned on pattern measuring. Another improvement for me on this was that I sewed the lining to the zip as part of the zip attachments, I had previously hand sewed linings to the zip. This took a large amount of; tacking the zip in place using the fabric and once the fabric and lining together had been sewed together tacking the lining to the zip before sewing. A bit fiddly, but a pleasing effect, and one I will try to keep up.


Cost for this was £11.70 for fabric and lining and 50p for a zip. I did completely trash 2 needles whilst top stitching and these are about 50p each. PPG was £13.20 and the time was just under 8 hours (including the unpicking)

In other news;

1. A lady who lives 2 doors down knocked on the door last night and asked if I’d sort out her curtain tape. (the sewing machine is in the front room downstairs and she had seen me working at it). I said yes.

2. Fabric to sort out project 1 (remember the mis-matched burgundy?) has arrived. I just need to unpick the lining, zip collar, cuffs and bodice from skirt, thank goodness for my new best friend.



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  1. Your stitch unpicker looks nice and sturdy, I’ve broken quite a few of the plastic ones. Did I dream they are also called seam rippers, or is that something else entirely – no, not bodice rippers!

    • Also alled seam rippers, obviously, mine is mainly used to unpick seams……

      I have also previously broken a small plastic one, so bought the larger handled one in the photo .


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