The shirt for his back!


So project 3 is a shirt for my husband, he is modelling this under some duress, but seems happy enough (he couldn’t be coaxed into any “Man at BHS” poses).

This is the first shirt I have sewn for years and the pattern is McCall’s M6044. The fabric was picked by hubby and was a thick cotton, which looks good from a distance, but doesn’t stay ironed, thankfully the shirt style is quite casual.

So, the technical bits are that this was the first time I’d used my buttonhole foot for my machine. OMG! I am new to the era of buttonhole feet which  you set up and it does it all for you, I realise you are all reading this saying, “Yes, Sarah, we know!”, but a revelation to me and I shall embrace projects with buttonholes with more gusto in future.

The improvement I’d make is when I was cutting out the fabric, I used a “Frixion” pen to mark out all the tacking marks (there were lots of tacking marks) as these usually disappear with the iron. In this case dear reader, they did not disappear. From a distance it is not noticebale,but can be seen close up and, of course, I know its there.

So, total cost to this was £12 in fabric and £1.78 for button. It took me about 12 hours and there was lots of finishing in terms of hand sewing the collar band and buttons and lots of careful top stitching to make it look finished.

And, Husband likes it, so a result!

Sarah xxx


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