I have hairy seams!


No, this isn’t a euphemism for something sordid, and neither is it some sort of new sweary phrase which the kids are using these days…

I have, for the first time, tackled french seams!  However, my beautiful fabric is a pain in the a… somewhat challenging to work with, and frays like Billio!  So, despite having trimmed the frayed edges of the first stitching line before I sewed the second line of stitching, I have some fibres sticking out, and it looks for all the world as though they are growing hair!  Look:

Still, they are very neat otherwise (and I suspect the hairy seams are fixable), and french seams were absolutely the only option because this fabric is so very fine and frays so very badly.  They look pretty damn snazzy from the inside:

I’ve been painstakingly hand stitching some vintage lace trim on the front of my blouse, and I’ve decided that this needs to be bound on the edges with a contrast fabric – it looked too sedate with self-made bias binding.  So, I shall be out at the weekend hunting for some nice red binding to make the edges of the blouse pop.

Night all!

Suze x


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