Dress 2, Come on down



Well, this is much much better. A dress in grey printed jersey.

This started life as Burda 7828 which is a very versatile pattern,with long or cap sleeves and dress, top or tunic length. I had to increase the bodice length by 1 inch on the on the sleeve, front and back bodice and increased the length by 2 and a half inches so the dress hangs nicely.

The pattern calls for a faux wrap top with 1 front piece not sewn onto the skirt with a long tie meeting at the side. However, this just looked unsightly and very much like a faux wrap.So I cut 2 left sides and matched them both onto the skirt.

Again, there was a lot of cleavage on show, so I made (buy cutting and tacking in place) a triangle to act as a modesty protector. I just couldn’t face having to wear a vest top every time I wanted to leave the house.


The fabric is from Ditto http://dittofabrics.co.uk/ and was £7.99 a meter. I bought 2.7 metres (there is a little left for the scrap pile), the pattern I already and had and the thread was some great SYLKO cotton I inherited from my mum, who possibly inherited it from my grandmother. It was a really lovely feeling sewing with this, thinking about them both and wondering what they may have used the thread to sew. Overall PPG for this is £21.57 and it has taken me about 6 hours to complete (no lining, no zip only 7 pieces).

The downside is that Jersey can be difficult to sew and I don’t have an overlocker, so I just tackled everything (I usually do) with smaller stitches than my usual tacking which seemed to help. I have to concentrate to get enough tension in the fabric as it goes through the machine, but not so much the jersey is “over-stretched” and then sewn at that tension.

One thing I did try and I’ll write a longer piece when I’ve solved this is that for Christmas I got a rolled hem foot, which I tried on a spare piece of fabric as I thought this would make a bitter finish. I really struggled and found that the rolled hem foot and Jersey are not good friends, it may be different on an overlocker. It seemed to stretch the jersey to it’s full stretch and sew it there with no “bounce” to the fabric’s original size / shape and distorts the hem. I’m going to try several fabric types with the foot and let you know how I get on.



(P.S. really relieved this dress isn’t a dogs dinner)


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