Stricken by the Lurg…


Eurgh.  Just eurgh.

After my first germ-free Christmas and New Year for (I kid you not) 7 years, I have succumbed to one of the worst colds I’ve ever had.  As I type, I am in bed, puffy and sore of face, red and be-vaselined of nose, hoarse of throat and generally grumpy of mood.  Still, the sewing must continue, because I have graphs to populate and targets to meet!

I think I mentioned before that I have made A LOT of dresses over the past 18 months, and no separates whatsoever.  So, I fully intend to drag myself out of bed this afternoon, via the medium of a dirty lemsip (max lemsip and shot of whisky, if you are wondering – could raise the blimmin’ DEAD) and go and make a start on a top.

I’m going to use the Sorbetto pattern – a free pattern available from Colette.  There are some beautiful versions kicking around on the internet – not least Mena’s 7 days of Sorbetto challenge, or Karen’s collection of 3 little beauties.  Whilst this isn’t a pattern which screams “January”, I do love a good cardigan, so I’m hoping that it will be useful for wearing to work all year round with a bit of clever layering.  I’ve bought a beautiful patterned silk mix from ditto fabrics in Brighton (where I live) to make this one.  Unusually for me it is an ivory colour, but has the most gorgeous delicate red pattern – I’m a bit in love.  I’ve also got some lovely vintage lace trim which I plan on using on this one.

I’ve also bought Vogue 1247 during one of the $3.99 pattern sales on the Vogue Patterns website.  Even with shipping from the US, if you get three patterns at a time during these sales, they work out SO much cheaper than buying them in the UK.  About £6 per pattern, compared to £12 – £18.  All good for the PPG.  Here is the pattern envelope picture:

I plan to make both the skirt and the top at some point, but the skirt is first on my list.  I have some beautiful bright blue wool leftover from a pervious project which is screaming to be made into this skirt.  I can imagine it over leggings or opaque tights with my new bright red Christmas boots.  Yummy.

So, germs permitting, these are my next two projects.  Now, where did I leave the Olbas Oil?

Suze x



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