Dress 1 is a UFO (sad face)


So, dress 1 is completed but not finished. The noise you may be able to hear is Suze choking on her green tea, I am, a chronic completer finisher.

My idea was the lovely Amy Butler Love fabric for the skirt, collar and cuffs, with some plain burgundy cotton for the bodice. However, dear reader, see below, the colour of the bodice is not the same burgandy as the skirt and is far far different than I envisaged. This is a fail on my part as when I had first put the 2 together, they looked great (obviously!), it must have been a sunny day. Pah.


This dress is a variation of something I have made before but the bodice front was 2 pieces which wrapped over, but a little too low at the V (cleavage anyone?) and required a press closing. So I am quite pleased with the bodice. I put in pleating instead of darts, and it definitely needs darts, so will change that for next time and stronger fabric for the facing to give the neckline some more structure.

I really like the cuff binding I did. The pattern joins the cuff to the sleeve so the seam is on the outside of the garment but hidden by the cuff. I found this unsightly, so bias bound each cuff and I think this is a much better finish.


Another like is the lining. I lined the bodice with cotton muslin, which is nice next to your skin and the skirt with some heavier satin which swishes nicely with the skirt, which is full.


So, where next?, I still like the idea of this dress with pattern fabric for the skirt, collar and cuffs and plain bodice, so I may come back to this. For this dress?, well, dear reader, I have placed an order for enough fabric to re-do the bodice in the same fabric as the rest, and, at some point, I’ll come back and unpick (big dislike) this and finish it.

So, time spent is just over 10 hours, and to date I have spent £39.98, but watch this space.

In other news, I have now pre-washed all the fabric I previously bought.




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  1. It’s not a total disaster Sarah – you can change the bodice easily but agree about the colour match. Also – a tip re. your cuff – join only the outside part of the cuff then turn all of the seam allowances inside the cuff and topstitch this folded edge along your original stitch line from the join (or invisible hand-stitch if easier. That way all the raw edges are enclosed inside the cuff. x

    • Your neckline can be given a better shape by adding a little inter-facing to the lining – this will avoid the need for a sturdier lining fabric. Tell me to shut up if I’m going on!!! L x

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