Insanity on Jan 5th


Right, just a quickie, wasn’t going to blog this, but incredulous looks from colleagues and Suze suggested it may be worth it.

So, I am usually faintly organised, I planned my first dress, a variation of something I had made before with a few re-works / tweaks. I wanted to make it from a fabric from the Amy Butler “Love” range. Love the fabric ( no pun intended).So I had enough scraps for collar and cuffs and a plain burganday for bodice, but needed more for the skirt, and here in lies the tale.

Husband (read enabler) “I’ll get you some for Christmas, how much do you need”

Me “Oooh lovely, just a metre, thank you”

I needed 2 metres……

So I ordered some more (same place as he got it from, lilely to be same bolt of fabirc / dye number etc). I’m waiting for delivery………

Yesterday I get the “it’s been posted” e-mail

So at lunch-time today I *nearly* got in the car, drove home (15 mins each way) to see if it had been delivered, to pre-wash it this afternoon, so I could get in dried whilst cooking girls tea, ironed whilst they were having bath, etc……Then I heard myself.

I got home from work 25 minutes ago, the fabric is in the machine, the oven timer is set to remind me to take it out and get it straight on a radiator, so should be able to iron and get it cut out tonight……………

Sewing Insanity anyone?


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