Oh, HI, dress number one!


Does this mean I am winning?  No, no, no – this is NOT a competition.  I must repeat this like a mantra.

But here it is – my Vogie 8413 in teal crepe.  Here it is on my trusty dress form in it’s almost finished state:

No zip, lots of unremoved tacks, but not bad...

And here is me, dans dress, introducing my mush to the blogosphere:

Oh, HI! These are my stairs. This is my bike.

So: here comes the nitty gritty…

Pattern: Vogue 8413 (View B)

Fabric: 2 metres of teal crepe from www.calicolaine.co.uk at £11.99 per metre.

Notions: Cotton, Overlocker threads and zip.

This was generally a pretty pleasant make – the pattern instructions were mostly pretty clear, although the instructions to attach the front and back bodice pieces were frankly as clear as a very dirty window and made me swear a little bit.

As I’ve mentioned before, this fabric is very lovely.  It has a lovely weight and drape to it which really works with the cowl neck.  However, it does NOT like being pressed very much.  As a result, the front waist seam tends to sort of stick horizontally into me, rather than lie flat, and I think this affects the fall of the pleats on the skirt front.  It also means that the sleeve heads sit slightly higher than I would like, because the inside seam sits a bit funny.  I plan on attacking this again with an iron before it leaves the house.  Sarah suggested a damp press cloth – anyone else got any tips?  Failing that, I will probably trim the seam allowance a little more drastically.

What would I change next time?  Not much – I do have a touch of my usual problem of shoulder to bust to waist ratio in the fitting of this.  I have narrow shoulders and a small bust compared to my waist, but as this was my first bias cut bodice ever, I was too nervous to attempt any serious pattern adjustments.  I just cut the bodice a size smaller and then messed about with the waist measurements.  It does mean that the shoulders sit slightly too wide for my liking, and the back bodice sits ever so slightly proud from my neck.  If I’m being REALLY picky, I’d raise the waistline by another 1cm next time (I always have to take it up by 1.5cm on all commercial patterns as I have a short body), but this might not be noticeable if I can get the waist seam to sit right with some careful pressing or reckless trimming.  But, the usual January disclaimer applies: I suspect this will look better once I have a bit less Christmas cake on my hips and waist.  Why did we start this in January, eh? I ate a lot of cake over Christmas, dammit.

What do I like? I am proud of the insides of this one.  This is the first unlined dress I’ve made (can’t BEAR unsightly insides and I do love a nice contrast lining), and me and my overlocker really bonded over this one.  It looks pretty swish, I think:

Not too shabby...

It is also a very comfortable dress – the fabric has a bit of give so it doesn’t feel as restrictive as some of my other officey type dresses.  Probably not enough stretch to have got away without a zip, but enough to mean I don’t think I’ll want to take it off as soon as come home from work.

I think this took me about 10-11 hours to make.  Here’s where I admit that I’m suffering a little with an RSI type condition in my hands, which does mean that I tend to sew really quite slowly at the moment.  Lots of pins being dropped, and various other pesky things which tend to slow me down.  Will take more than crappy grip to stop me though!

In total, the PPG for this one comes to £32.10.  Not bad…  This will definitely get lots of outings at the office on days when a Power Dress is required, so that definitely feels like good value.  I was eager to get this on the blog tonight, so the photography probably needs some “attention”, but you get the idea.  I might arrange for some better photos over the weekend and repost if I’m not too busy stitching!  Maybe something arty, like me gawping at a flowerpot or balancing on a mangle.  That sort of thing.

Day of planning tomorrow.  I confess I have never *hangs head in shame* made myself any separates at all, so I think this is something which needs to be remedied for garment 2.  So I sense a skirt or a top coming on…

Suze x



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