Suze is officially 0.8 down, 39.2 to go…


Yes, garment number one is approaching the finish line.  How very productive I can be when the drudgeries of going to work to earn a living aren’t getting in the way.  How many garments could I make in 12 months if I won the lottery, I wonder…

I’ve spent two enjoyable afternoons stitching up a Vogue 8413 – shamelessly inspired by the very lovely version made by Tilly.  I’ll go into fabric specifics when it is completed, but I will share now that the fabric I’ve used is very lovely, but seems to have a massive aversion to being pressed.  The seams on this sucker just will not lie flat, and I hope it doesn’t affect the hang of the dress when it is worn.

As a more immediate issue, the pressing conundrum has required more in the way of basting than I would ordinarily like.  Call me a philistine, but I like my stitching to be automated wherever possible.  So, there has been a lot of this going on in my house over the past couple of days:

This is a LOT of basting for me.

I also feel like I’ve taken some sort of pin overdose – this was the situation pre-baste:

Imagine how my basting thread got caught up in these. Fun was had.

I’ve deliberately taken my time with this make, so I even summoned the patience to handbaste the first stage of the narrow hem on the back vent – again, all because this fabric does not wish to be pressed in any way.  It did create a very neat result though.  I can hear Sarah tsk-ing at me (she loves a good baste she does.  Ahem.) because she probably would have told me that before I started.

Incidentally, has anyone else discovered Merchant & Mills notions yet?  I bought some of their pins and needles from the lovely Raystitch as a Christmas present to myself (what?  this is perfectly reasonable behaviour) and they are really lovely to use.  Obviously, I am a sucker for nice packaging as much as the next girl, but the pins themselves seem very well made, and are hellish sharp.  I think it says a lot that I’ve been found hunting the floor for dropped pins – I drop pins a lot, will explain some other time – because I can’t bear to lose any of them.

Anyhoo, time for bed as the world of work beckons in the morning.  Vogue 8413 just needs a hem and a zip, so hopefully I’ll be sharing tomorrow night!

Suze x


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