Happy new year!

So, yesterday I went to get started, but a head cold and a few organisational issues stopped me in my tracks. Operational issues include, the state of the sewing area;



Sewing table




Fabric Pile

It would be very fair to say, that I am very excited by the coming year ahead. I just love making things, the feel of fabric and aspiration of turning a length of fabric into something else is brilliant (I feel that same about knitting and most other crafts). The idea of this challenge really gripped me, I could make  those lovely A-line skirts with appliqué and a fitted shift dresses and…….oooh lots of possibilities.

It was also be very fair to say that in mid December I had a panic about physically doing this, dear reader, the 1st Jan is not the best day to start anything. You spend lots of December preparing and doing Christmassy things especially with the children, so I had a panic fabric buying spree, so I had lots of things to get working on. The blessed relief is that I like all the fabric I bought (no lime green lycra in sight), but it was piled high. I also “just bought 3 meters” so I have enough to make a full length dress, so PPG wil be high, but I will have lots of scraps for later on.

So, a big tidy has happened so I now have room to work in.


Which brings me to the second “operational issue” being that I hadn’t pre-washed the fabric………..

It’s now drying on the radiators (Mr Sarah tells me this makes the heating inefficient) and is nearly ready to iron. Project 1 is a variation of Butterick B5030 in Amy Butler Love.



Happy new year!…


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