Post One – I am Suze!


Hello Blog World, I am Suze!

Sarah and I have spent all afternoon setting up the blog in a cafe avec wifi and hot chocolate.  We agreed that when we left we would both do an introductory post about ourselves, and I got here first.  Sarah must be lazing about or filing her nails or something.  Pfft.

I do so very much love to sew – I’ve been sewing for about 18 months, but like most things in my life have found that I need some tangible goals in order to make my sewing productive.  I’ve toyed with my own blog before, but without a master plan, my blogging efforts were something of an epic fail.  So, this is why FWSAM (as I will call it – love a good acronym) is going to be so very good for me.  Not only is there a master plan, there is also an outside influence making sure I hold up my end of the bargain.  A bit of well meaning pressure never did anyone any harm.

Sarah will, I have no doubt, use her first introductory post to bang on about how organised she is.  I expect there will be boxes for everything.  And plastic folders.  And probably an index.  I prefer to describe my style as … creative chaos.

For example – here is my sewing table.  A haven of tranquility, order and structure:

Note the bowl of pistachio nuts. It isn't Christmas without a bowl of pistachio nuts.

And my fabric stash – as you can see, I “file” all my fabric as soon as it has been purchased and prewashed:

Not a stash, as much as a queue in the form of a pile of fabric.

My lovely (if somewhat skinnier than me at present) “Lady Valet” dress form.  If you look carefully in this photo (bottom right of my dress form) you will see my “bag of calico shame”.

That bag of calico scraps will absolutely come in useful.

And finally, my oh-so-organised, erm, paper bag of cotton reels.  *Hangs head in shame* – sorry Sarah.

What do you MEAN this isn't an intelligent way to store cotton reels?

In all seriousness, I do think I need to get a bit more organised before the sewing begins on 1st January…

So, what do I have planned for this year?  I have some lovely silk chiffon in mustard and grape, which are itching to become a Jasmine and a Taffy blouse from the wonderful Colette Patterns.  I have some blue polka dot rayon and some olive green stripey cotton sateen which will become two pencil skirts.  I have some vintage 1950’s navy velvet which will become a jacket if I have my way.  I have some lovely red wool gabardine which I have earmarked for a circle skirt, and I also very much hope to fit in Gertie’s “Bombshell Dress” course somewhere along the way.

My wonderful husband, who has unfeasibly long arms, may well get a couple of shirts along the way, as a way of making up for being a Sewing Widower.  I would like to learn to crochet for one of my “non-sewing” quota – perhaps an Afghan for our bed if this isn’t aiming too high.  I will also conquer my fear of a) jersey, b) threading my overlocker without drinking wine first and c) piping.  Oh piping.  You are my nemesis.

My style is quite vintagey, but not in a costumey way.  I suppose “classic” might be the word.  I am also offensively colourful.  You won’t catch me in pale or pastel colours.  I must try and resist the temptation of the quilting cotton, but the patterns are a siren call to me. Especially anything with a bird on it.  Sigh.

I am so excited about 2012 and the year of FWSAM – so on 1st January 2012 the games shall begin!

Suze x


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