2 days as a free woman….


Suze reminded me today that we start on the 1st. Holy crapbags!

What seems like a brilliant idea a couple of moths ago is now making me very anxious.

Why did we agree on 40 things? 52 was far too many (tips hat in respect to the Sew Weekly ladies), but 40, well, pah! no problem….

OK, so a little about me, I’m 38, married with 2 girls, (not babies, but not teenagers) and I work full-time, quite when I’m going to fit this all in is a little lost in the details. I suspect my family will be bribed with clothes and bumblebee outfits….

So, like most of us, my mum sewed in the late 70’s and early 80’s and I learned a bit from her, I also learned to knit from my Gran. I then did no knitting or sewing from age 13 until 28 when heavily pregnant I took up knitting again with a passion. I started sewing again about 2 years ago when; I changed jobs and found I had a bit more time; wasn’t working in a lab, so jeans and T-shirt wouldn’t do; have small children, so house based hobbies are the way forward, and just loved it..

Suze and I started sharing an office about 18 months ago and with other colleagues found mutual support about sewing and dressmaking. hence thinking making 40 things in a year is completely reasonable


My sewing machine, a Brother XL-3600. takes different presser feet to other machine…..(mutters to self), and no, I haven’t used the buttonhole feature yet……


Some of my stash


Threads and Embroidery silks

So, I’m off to lie down and think about the enormity of the task ahead. I’ll blog my projects as I go. The one thing I’ve found is that when ever you make anything, the thing everyone always ask you is “how long did that take?” followed up by “how much did it cost?”

In terms of time taken, this is my hobby and something I want to do, so time isn’t a consideration, but I’ll put list this with each project in case any readers want to make something similar.

We’ll list how much spent per garment.

Let us know anything else you want to know about the projects, get in touch and hope you enjoy reading. 




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